"Everyone deserves the right to lead self-sufficient lives, make knowledgeable decisions, and are worthy of a support system created to encourage these endeavors, so a high quality of life can be attained"

                                                     - P2LS

Home & Community Based Services



Respite hours allow the caregiver to tend to personal health care needs, run errands, or just take a break. Being a primary caregiver for an individual with a disability can be exhausting and respite care allows a caregiver to get a break from the 24/7 demand of care giving.


Our services allow clients to use our habilitation and respite providers on an hourly basis, surrounded by their possessions, pets, and familiar environment. Our providers will keep your child engaged in activities by playing board games, coloring, painting, picnics, or anything your child likes doing.


Habilitation services are provided in the consumer's home or out in the community. There are specific goals and objectives developed for each client based on the Individual Support Plan (ISP). 


The goals of this service are to enable individuals to acquire knowledge and skills, increase or maintain self-sufficiency, communication goals, socialization goals, community outing goals, meet personal and physical needs, maintain health and safety, and provide services in a manner that supports and enhances independence, self-esteem, mutual respect, value and dignity. 


Monthly data sheets are provided detailing performance and goals are adaptable as your child progresses.

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